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Enjoy the best fishing in Ensenada
Todos Santos Adventures
Ensenada Sportfishing
Ensenada Fishing Charters Harbor Cruise around Baja California with your friends Baja Whale Watching Expeditions Seeing the whales migrate is an unforgettable experience

Ensenada Sportfishing brings you the best in fishing in Baja California

Todos Santos Adventures

The fun never stops when your fishing

Watch whales migrate off the coast of Baja

Enjoy a nice private cruise around the harbor

Ensenada Sportfishing by Todos Santos Adventures are the safest and most fun. Book your trip now and secure your Fishing Trip, Harbor Cruise or Whale Watching Expedition. Whether you’re looking for the wonder of seeing whales up close, a faster commute, or a lazy summer weekend escape, the adventure begins right here. Our private charters are designed with your enjoyment, comfort and safety in mind. With years of experience we know the Baja Peninsula very well.
  • Todos Santos Adventures was the most fun I ever had fishing! Service was great and boat was very comfortable.

    Carlos Barragan CEO Web Design

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