Fishing in Baja California

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Tijuana Bull-ring

This has been slow around on the side at the afternoons recently following the wave change switches the current around and starts to shove in-shore; the calico bass eventually become active and also began a biting mood across the lines.

And all across the shore underneath this, the kelp offers fantastic calico bass fishing across the outer borders (again, at which you detect just a small amount of current running over the shore ).


Coronado Islands

Yellows actually have vanished leaving the bass to accomplish their own thing round the islands. You might discover several yellowtail or bonito across North Island throughout the Middle Grounds into the north of South Island and also down the other side to the lighthouse along with South Kelp Ridge, but the bite is not quite like the prior month.

Coronado Canyon

Blue-fin and 10- to 20-pound yellow fin are low and don’t want to bite to often right now.

You can also look for a few kelps using a few firecracker, 5- to 10-pound yellowtail and perhaps a dorado or two. In general, however, the far better quantity of tuna is just another 10- to 15-miles into the west.


It’s quite slow around this zone today. The water can be somewhat streaky in this case, however, kelps from the wash, 71- to – 72-degree water will be carrying a few yellowtail and dorado. You could also encounter several blue-fin or even yellow fin, however the amount is way down in comparison with the primary body of fish above the border.



There has been some yellowtail, bonito, barracuda and blue fin among other fish in the Ensenada area. There are plenty of nice fish in the offshore regions.